Basic Maps
1a. Basic Map w/ towns (Tel Aviv, Ramallah, etc.)
1b. Basic Map w/ countries (Israel, West Bank, Jordan, etc.)
1c. West Bank with cities

Disappearing Palestine Maps
This is a series of maps from 1947 to the present (2009) showing Palestinian loss of land over time.
2a. 4 maps (see descriptions below)
2b. disappearing 4 maps (see descriptions below)
2c. Disappearing Palestine 1 (1947 Palestinian and Jewish Land)
2d. Disappearing Palestine 2 (1947 UN Partition Plan proposal)
2e. Disappearing Palestine 3 (1949-1967 )
2f. Disappearing Palestine 4 (Present: shows how Israeli roads/checkpoints/settlements/Wall/areas of control have sliced up the West Bank)

3a. gaza 1949
3b. Gaza with settlements
3c. Gaza without settlements (post 2005)

Pre 1948
4a. Ottoman Empire
4b. Ottoman Empire with Palestine indicated
4c. Jewish settlement pre 1947 (shows where most Jews were living in Palestine before Israel was formed)
4d. Destroyed Villages (over 400 Palestinian villages were destroyed from 1947-49)

Post 1948
5a. Israel annexed Jerusalem right after the 1967 war
5b. Israel annexed Jerusalem right after the 1967 war

6. Population numbers: shows populations of Israeli Jews, Israeli Palestinians, Palestinians living in the West Bank, Palestinians living in Gaza, Jewish Israeli settlers in the West Bank, Palestinian refugees who are living outside Israel/Palestine.

7. Sinai and Golan (areas taken from Egypt and Syria during 1967 war)
8. South African Bantustans (compare to map # 16, 17, or 2f.)
9. West Bank with checkpoints
10. West Bank with aquifer (shows water issue)
11. Aquifer and Wall
12. Aquifer and Wall and settlements
13. Wall
14. West Bank with settlements and roads
15. West Bank with settlements and their growth zones
16. West Bank areas of Israeli control (shows settlements, growth zones, checkpoints, roads, Wall, areas of Israeli control in Jordan Valley — all the places Palestinians cannot go/live)
17. West Bank w/ settlements & inaccessible areas (UN map showing settlements and other areas restricted or inaccessible to Palestinians mentioned in #16)

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